Training for Action: ‘The power of the multinationals, the industrial farming model, responsible consumption and fair trade’ (6pm, Thu 24 Sep 2015)

In this second meeting, called ‘The power of the multinationals, the industrial foraming model, responsible consumption and fair trade’, we’ll talk about farming and food.

We’ll do an awareness workshop, discuss the best diet to follow in order to be more aware, talk about actions we can prepare for World Food Day and end with a fair-trade tasting session (courtesy of Fundación Deixalles).


  • Jordi López: Agricultural engineer, environmental impact expert and technician on Fundación Deixalles’ project ‘Let’s make responsible consumption visible’.

  • Sandy Hemingway: Amics de la Terra Mallorca president with many years’ experience of food and farming campaigns.

Thursday 24 September 2015, 6pm to 8.30pm at Amics de la Terra HQ (Avda. Conde Sallent 4, 1r A, Palma de Mallorca).

World Food Day on 16 October 2015. We want to carry out some actions to guide people towards how to eat with greater awareness of the environment and the people involved in food production.

Amics de la Terra has started a project that aims to develop critical thinking of the world and the role of our globalised society, and to develop active participation in environmental justice topics.

Specifically, we’ll create spaces for training, taking part, debate and defining actions on different environmental themes, how they affect us here and in other southern countries.

The Sustainability School is a European project developed by the various groups of Friends of the Earth Europe.

Anyone who wants to learn, contribute, take part, share it with other people, and so on.

  • COP21: communication for action (October – November)

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