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Take part! Global Day of Action for Climate Justice (14 Oct)

Friends of the Earth is organising a huge global day of action on Saturday 14 October 2017, in which groups from across the entire federation are taking part, with decentralised actions worldwide.

In Mallorca, we’re preparing a fun protest event where we’ll ask you to join us in speaking out against the abuse of power of the big energy firms and demand climate justice.

Programme: Free your energy!

  • 10h-18h: Paint a mural with artist SOMA
  • 11h-12:30h: Family game about energy
  • 12:30h: Concert by group La Vereda
  • 14:00h: ‘Pamboliada’ with local products
  • 15:30h-17h: Musical poetry workshop with ImproTematicSon

Location: plot of land next to IES Aurora Picornell (C/ Barranquilla meeting C/ Bogotà, Llevant area, Palma).

Download the ‘Free your energy!’ programme for sharing (Catalan only, PDF, 0.5MB).

Join in and help out!

We’re meeting to organise the activities so if you’d like to help (as well as taking part), send us an email using

Fight for energy and climate justice

Energy firms are destroying the lives of communities around the world, polluting our rivers, our land and our air. They’re speeding up climate change and hoarding land, ejecting entire communities and depriving them of their resources.

But they won’t silence us; we can change this.

We’re part of a global movement fighting alongside these communities to change the current energy model, using real solutions. We want to show that when we fight together, we’re even stronger.

Do you want to join in with a global movement fighting for people and the planet to achieve energy and climate justice?

Take part in the Friends of the Earth Day of Action! Free your energy!

Friends of the Earth International brings together different organisations worldwide. We’re a horizontal, assembly-based movement where activists are our principal force for achieving energy and climate justice.

If you want to find out more about our work in this area, take a look at the climate and energy section on the Amigos de la Tierra website (Spanish) or the climate and energy section for Amics de la Terra Mallorca.

Be part of the change

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