Support the people of Guatemala

A well-known Spanish company, Ecoener-Hidralia, wants to build a dam in Barillas, Guatemala.

The Galician hydroelectric company arrived in the area in 2007 with the aim of taking over the Canbalam River and the Barillas communities’ natural resources. This same year, in a public consultation, more than 90% of the population opposed the construction of the power station.

In complicity with the government, this company has been committing serious crimes against the population, such as threats, jailings and murders. A series of atrocities that we’ve been reporting for years and which we want to avoid by supporting the people of these communities.

The company’s intention has unchained the continual infringement of human rights. In addition, the construction of the power station would mean the firm’s appropriation of the water, with effects such as landslides, the flooding of a large area or biodiversity loss, as well as other consequences.

Demand Ecoener-Hidralia’s exit from Guatemala!

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