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School workshops available: What secrets are hiding in our foods?

Amics de la Terra, with funding from the Caixa Colonya Guillem Cifre foundation, is offering free workshops about food to schools across Mallorca.

There’s a limited number of workshops, which are designed for the second and third cycles of primary education. The deadline for carrying out the workshops is 15 December 2017.

To apply, please send an email to, specifying:

  • your school
  • number of workshops
  • number of students per course
  • suggested days and times.

Workshop method and contents

The activity starts in the classroom with everyone thinking about the relationship between our food and nature, and a very educational, visual explanation using PowerPoint and covering foods, the amount of food we’ll eat in our lifetime, the link between foods and nature, and the importance of having a healthy diet for our own health and that of the planet.

There are three exercises with different materials looking at:

  1. seasonal, local and organic produce
  2. ‘food miles’
  3. the differences between natural and processed foods.

After each exercise, we’ll talk about it as a group and, finally, agree the most important things that we have learnt and which eating and shopping habits we must change.

Workshop length: 1 hour


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