Port Authority offers a consistant solution for the city and Molinar

(As you know, Amics de la Terra forms a part of “Al Molinar, Port Petit”)

1. We appreciate the offer of the Balearic Island Port Authority and its benefits: a solution for everyone

We believe that the Balearic Island Port Authority (APB), in contact with the Municipality of Palma, has managed to pick up the commitment assumed by the citizens and to offer a solution for Molinar, of which we don’t know more details than those we are publishing here, and if carried out, must satisfy all stakeholders.

When we say stakeholders, we refer to citizens who feel that Molinar is their own, whether or not they are inhabitants of the area, as well as to users of the port and its concessionaries.

According to their statement, the APB has committed to:

To maintain the small size of the port and ensure the continuity of the pathway, which is currently interrupted, have been the main objectives of our campaign, as well as to maintain the boats of small length that characterize this emblematic martitime neighborhood.

In addition to all of this, APB has added another generous offer: it proposes to CMML to support its activity, alloting it a space and without CMML having to bear the costs of rehabilitation thereof.

2. We envision the future of our citizens’ demands campaign: all is not yet won

“Al Molinar, port petit” since its inception has defended the port Molinar preservation as a priority for this maritime neighborhood and for the city of Palma. It is a jewel of our urban landscape that deserves to be conserved for the use and enjoyment of the citizens.

After the announcement of the APB on 28 July, the campaign “Al Molinar, port petit” feels like our efforts have been rewarded and that the conservation of the cenetennial port of Molinar is getting closer.

While this news is a great triumph, all is not yet won. The necessity to consolidate this project in the current legislature has always been a demand of this citizen campaign. Therefore, “Al Molinar, Port Petit” from this moment onward will ensure that the commitments made by the APB and the Municipality of Palma are taken to the end of their announced terms and that the rehabilitation project of the port is consolidated within this legislature.

In the coming days we will request a meeting with the leadership of APB to specify the scope of the proposed measures and the time of its execution, so that we can better evaluate a proposal that in principle we all share and consider adequate.

In addition, as we move beyond this new attempt to expand the facilities, “Al Molinar, port petit” will begin a new plan of work with the intention to adopt, in collaboration with the APB and the Municipality of Palma, a legal concept that assures the urban protection of the neighborhood and precludes any future attempts to expand port facilities.

Our attitude is going to be fully collaborative with the terms of this proposal, but at the same time vigilant and crictical if they are not met.

3. Comments on the public statements of the supporters of the port expansion

We believe that the proposal of the APB intiated a path that can reconcile with all the positions of the neighborhood: the improvement of the facilities, CMML’s demands for their own space, and the conservation of the port in its current characteristics and size are the requests of the majority of the community.

Because of this, the statements surprised the president of CMML, Rafael Vallespir, who denounces a continued harassment to end with the club, in what seems a desperate attempt to keep its speculative expansion project of the port of Molinar.

“Al Molinar, port petit” calls the CMML board of directors’ attitude irresponsible, contending that their total opposition of the APB’s offer again jeopardizes the conservation of this century-old organization.

In any case, we know that the APB has offered to expose the details of the announcement to the CMML members and its board of directors, and we consider this the best way to clarify the decision.

“Al Molinar, port petit” is convinced that the APB’s proposal is the way to permit the conservation of the port and the CMML organization, and in this way, the citizen campaign reaches out to support that goal and to respond to the needs of its partners.

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