Platform ‘Salvem ses Fontanelles’ maintains its call to the council to confront Unibail Rodamco to save the wetland

25 May 2016

Platform members repeat their call to keep up efforts to save the wetland.

On Wednesday afternoon, representatives of the ‘Salvem ses Fontanelles’ platform met with the councillor for town planning, Antoni Noguera, and the councillor for the environment, Neus Truyol, to find out first hand the administrative situation of the project aiming to destroy Palma’s last wetland area, replacing it with a shopping centre developed by the French multinational Unibail-Rodamco.

During the meeting, platform members reiterated their call to maintain efforts to save the wetland, whether via mobilisation or in a strictly legal scope, as well as applying pressure on behalf of the collective on the institutions upon which the question’s decision falls.

At the same time, they expressed how puzzled they were that the multinational insisted on going ahead with the project, at the same time as the greatly extended Coll de en Rabassa shopping centre will shortly open its doors, which, whether they like it or not, has nowhere near the impact Unibail proposes and, being located nearby, completely takes away its commercial justification and economic viability.

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