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Our dependence on oil and its impacts on impoverished countries: BE INFORMED AND ACT!

Our society’s dependence on oil is increasing and generating great environmental, economic and social impacts here and in the countries from which we extract it.

The Balearic Islands have an almost total external energy dependence, since we import 96% of the energy we consume (we import mainly from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Nigeria).  The energy bill is estimated at about 1,000 M €, or 3.8% of the GDP of the Balearic Islands.

In 2010 the primary energy consumed in the Balearic Islands was almost 2 million tons of oil. To transport this primary energy would require 40 ships of 50,000 tons.

The current energy model perpetuates the dependence on oil and other fossil fuels (such as coal and gas) and does not improve the quality of life or the economic benefits of countries where it is exploited as Nigeria.

The dependence on oil has several negative impacts: during the investigation (prospecting) acoustic soundings can cause the death of marine animals.óleo/fases/ (spanish content)

During the extraction, there is the danger of spills that contaminate the sea or land, boat transport has risks, as we have seen on the Spanish coast with PRESTIGE and the transformation and use of hydrocarbons are responsible for climate change, the most serious threat that humanity has to face.

Video: The dangers of oil transportation – the Prestige case

In our islands, nobody wants to prospect because they pose a great threat to our economy and subsistence, which depend almost 100% of tourism. It can also adversely affect fishing, marine flora and fauna, and marine and coastal natural areas

News on the effects of oil exploitation on impoverished countries.Can we turn the problem around?

Oil companies in Nigeria caused pollution that could take 30 years to clean

Nigeria: Oil wealth flows, but hunger persists

Shell will pay Nigeria EUR 70 million for discharges into the Niger Delta

Video: Poison fire, the case of Nigeria (short version)

Video: Poison fire, the case of Nigeria (full version)


The solution is energy saving and efficiency and more implementation of renewable energy.

  • Infographic on energy consumption in the Balearic Islands and solutions (under construction)

10 steps to promote more renewable energies (under construction):


This project is funded by the General Directorate of Cooperation of the Balearic Government.



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