On World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, composting is the perfect recipe

17 June 2016


Composting slows the loss of soil quality and prevents drought

Spain is one of the countries most affected by desertification and soil erosion. According to the cartographic analysis of the Ministery of the Environment’s National Action Program against Desertification, the Baeleric Islands have 50.21% of their territory in a low risk typology and 4.62% affected by high or very high risk.

This year we celebrate World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, promoted by the United Nations, in a state declaration of pre-alert for drought in much of the Baeleric Islands.

Amics de la Terra Mallorca highlights the importance of composting as a viable, inexpensive and easy-to-apply practice that regenerates soil depletion through the organic matter produced. One of the key components to preventing desertification and drought and to increasing agriculture production is to maintain a good level of organic matter.

Amics de la Terra urges to institute preventative and corrective measures that impede the progressive increase of desertification. In this context, the composting of the organic matter contained in domestic waste becomes an indispensable tool for addressing desertification: it provides a fertilizer that maintains vegetation coverage and respects natural cycles, thus acheiving the objective of rational land use.

We live in a world with limited natural resources in which we cannot afford to continue eliminating resources that help curb desertification and drought. In this way, we offer the environmentally-sustainable and socially-just solution of organic material.

Amics de la Terra Mallora has been working for more than 20 years with domestic compost projects in more than 20 municipalities on the island. The results have demonstrated the capacity of instituting the model with citizens to manage their own organic waste, transforming it into a high-quality, natural tool: compost.

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