No to CETA! No to the TTIP! No to TISA! (3 June 2017)

The platform No al TTIP/CETA Mallorca and the Xarxa Municipalista speak out about the effects of the free-trade agreements on the planet’s sustainability.

At the Environment Fair on Saturday 3 June 2017 (Carrer Blanquerna, Palma), organised by the Associació de Veïns de Santa Pagesa in partnership with Emaya to celebrate World Environment Day, the platform No al TTIP/CETA Mallorca together with the Xarxa Municipalista invited people and organisations to take part in a photo action against these free-trade agreements and, above all, the imminent approval of CETA (the global economic and commercial agreement between the EU and Canada) by the Spanish government. This important day was used to highlight the effects that the TTIP, CETA or TISA free-trade agreements will have on the environment and the sustainability of the planet. From here, we add our voice to today’s large demonstration in Madrid, organised by the No al TTIP/CETA/TISA campaign.

The platform No al TTIP/CETA Mallorca comprises more than 30 social, union and political organisations. The recently created Xarxa Municipalista against the agreements (made up of councillors from towns across Mallorca) also took part in the action.

The people and organisations demand that the Spanish government listens to the citizens before taking extraordinary decisions such as the approval of these agreements, which take away power from governments and give it to big businesses and their commercial interests, leaving the public and the working class unprotected, as well as speeding up climate change and exhausting the planet’s natural resources. Free-trade agreements put business interests ahead of the planet, increasing inequality and making it more difficult to distribute the resources available.

In addition, these agreements destroy local farming and favour an agricultural industry based on unsustainable methods such as mass pesticide use, hormone-treated meat, lack of food traceability and consumer information, and genetically modified foods, and which endanger organic, local foods and those products with a certificate of origin.

More than 3.5 million people across Europe have already said no to CETA and the TTIP. Let’s listen to the voice of the public gathering once more in the streets today to demonstrate its complete rejection of an agreement that goes far beyond being simply commercial, and which demands that the Spanish Parliament vote against its approval and defend the rights and interests of the population it represents.

Commercial interests and those of the multinationals must not be put ahead of democracy and the rights of the people and the planet. No to CETA! No to the TTIP! No to TISA!

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