NO al TTIP Mallorca celebrates the Balearic Parliament’s brake on the free-trade agreement between Europe and the US

(Amics de la Terra is part of the platform ‘NO al TTIP Mallorca’.)

The platform ‘NO al TTIP Mallorca’ is celebrating the Balearic Parliament’s approval of a motion against the current negotiation process for the free-trade and investment agreement between Europe and the US.

The motion was presented by Més Per Mallorca, Més Per Menorca and Podem Illes Balears, and went ahead with the votes from these parties along with those from the PI, Gent Per Formentera and the PSIB-PSOE, after including some amendments from the socialist party.

The approved text considers that the Parliament pressures the Balearic government to declare the islands ‘a territory against the application of the TTIP’ as long as there is no information transparency about the negotiations, nor any guarantee of labour, social or environmental, among other, rights.

At the same time, the autonomous chamber will ask the central government for maximum transparency and information throughout the process of the TTIP, CETA and TISA negotiations, with the aim of answering the public’s concerns about the negative effects that these international free-trade agreements could have.

This information transparency request means that the Balearic Parliament will pressure the central government to appear in the Congreso de los Diputados (the lower house in the Spanish Parliament) after each round of negotiation of the TTIP, CETA and TISA.

‘NO al TTIP Mallorca’ thinks it’s an achievement that the Balearic government must create an independent commission that will study the TTIP’s effects in the Balearic Islands with respect to labour, social, health, environmental and consumer rights.

The motion’s text had input from the ‘NO al TTIP Mallorca’ platform, whose representatives have been present throughout this morning’s debate in the committee on institutional affairs. The platform is made up of more than 30 organisations, including political parties, syndicates and civic and citizen bodies.

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