Join us to celebrate Park(ing) Day! (10am-3pm, Fri 18 Sep 2015)



Park(ing) Day is a worldwide event to reclaim the streets for people, reducing the number of cars. Its aim is for people to realise, if only for one day, how public spaces are invaded by cars, whether driving around or parked up, as well as how they reduce our quality of life: traffic jams, air and noise pollution, and taking over areas for everyone.

It’s a completely unsustainable model that we’d like to change, so we’re heading to the street to raise awareness.

Amics de la Terra is taking part in this global event to defend social use of the city and sustainable transport, and we’re encouraging you to get involved.


Palma council has reserved a few places in the blue parking zone for Amics de la Terra in Calle Aragón 8, next to the department stores. We’ll set up tables, chairs and a pool, and we’ll play board games and so on. Anything to raise awareness that the city is for people, encouraging walking, cycling or public transport, avoiding car use wherever possible.

Partners: Ayuntamiento de Palma

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