First training session for mountain guides on the Serra de Tramuntana’s natural and cultural heritage

This weekend, we held a theoretical and practical seminar for certified mountain guides. It was organised by the Consorci de la Serra de Tramuntana (Serra de Tramuntana Committee), Amics de la Terra and the Associació de Tècnics Esportius i Guies de Muntanya de les Illes Balears (Balearic Mountain Guides’ and Specialists’ Association), and funded by the Consell de Mallorca and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) (German Federal Environmental Foundation).

This activity is part of the pilot project Protegeix la Serra de Tramuntana (Protect the Serra de Tramuntana), which is headed up by Amics de la Terra Mallorca, BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) and BTE, and is funded by the DBU.

More than 40 people took part in the theoretical course for mountain guides, which was held on Saturday 17 June 2017 at the Raixa country estate. Speakers included seven experts who developed a comprehensive, varied programme to talk about the Tramuntana’s natural and cultural worth, the legislation that affects it and the work being carried out by the administration and organisations to preserve it.

With this training, the mountain guides could increase their knowledge of:

  • the Tramuntana’s fragile balance and other reasons why it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the challenges and opportunities this creates, the distinguished figures that have made the Tramuntana valuable, and the ‘ruta de pedra en sec’ (dry-stone wall route);
  • the different layers of legislation, the Plan de Ordenación de Recursos Naturales (PORN) (Natural Resources Management Plan), exclusion zones with notable plants and wildlife, necessary licences for sporting activities and the conservation status of the Serra de Tramuntana natural site;
  • plants and wildlife present in the Tramuntana, the high number of native species and the threat of invasive species;
  • its history in order to understand how and why ethnological elements were built and how they make the most of natural resources;
  • the Tramuntana’s formation and geological setting, sediment and rock types, and its age and geomorphology.

To conclude, various organisations briefly presented the work they do to improve the conservation of the Serra de Tramuntana, such as:

  • GOB and La Trapa
  • Tramuntana XXI’s initiatives
  • Impulsors de la Custòdia del Territori a les Illes Balears (ICTIB) and territorial custody
  • the Fundació per a la Conservació del Voltor Negre (Foundation for the Conservation of the Black Vulture)
  • Amics de la Terra with our ‘Protect the Serra’ project, reforestation schemes and volunteer activities.

On Sunday 18 June 2017, the practical part of the training involved a visit to Sóller to learn in-situ about the Serra de Tramuntana’s geology, plants and wildlife.

The knowledge and content gathered for the seminar will also be shared with centres training people to be certified mountain guides.

Mountain guide training – complete programme (1.5MB, PDF, CATALAN only)

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