Ecology organisations vote against the proposed distribution of proceeds from the ‘tourism tax’

As set out by the Sustainable Tourism Tax Commission’s plenary meeting rules, GOB and Amics de la Terra Mallorca will present their ‘no’ vote in writing within a 72-hour period after the meeting is held.

GOB and Amics de la Terra Mallorca will vote against the proposal presented by the government for the distribution of funds from the tourism tax.

Apart from formal questions relating to the money’s distribution, GOB and Amics de la Terra do not agree with the tax proceeds being destined for projects promoting tourism that aim to finance themselves based on the argument that tourism products must diversify and move away from seasonal tourism, nor for training and promotional projects within the tourism sector itself, which would increase tourism commercialisation and, therefore, dependence on the tourism monoculture and new water infrastructure that enables increasing water consumption.

On the contrary, we believe that the key aspects that should be covered with this tax are projects that enable us to reduce the environmental load and promote activities outside of the sector. There are some projects like this, but even so, we don’t see that this is the fundamental spirit of the tax that we have been calling for since the start.

Although we understand that several aspects have improved that we believe are key relative to the distribution of the proceeds, such as establishing minimum selection criteria or justifying proposals, we also believe that there should be others with respect to objectives and methodology, composition and representation, and votes deliberated by plenary meeting members and the executive committee have not taken these into account.

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