Download the ‘Municipal, community and domestic composting in Mallorca: challenges and alternatives’ presentations

As you know, Amics de la Terra, the Raiguer community and Porreres council organised five activities under the heading of ‘Municipal, community and domestic composting in Mallorca: challenges and alternatives’, analysing the current situation for organic waste in Mallorca, the main challenges faced and possible alternatives.

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During the technical days, four experts spoke about waste, giving a guided tour of: European, state and Balearic legislation with respect to organic waste; the use of organic waste in Mallorca; domestic composting’s opportunities and advantages; how to improve soil fertility; whether organic rubbish is waste or a resource; community and supramunicipal composting experiences in Navarra; and other European and state examples of local organic waste management.

Ponencia Joan Mateo Horrach_Consell de Mallorca

Ponencia Alodia Pérez_Amigos de la Tierra

Ponencia Joseba Sanchez_Navarra

Ponencia Ramon Plana_Expèriencies estatals i europees

Here you can download the leaflet on how to build a pallet composter.

Fulletó amb instruccions per construir la teva compostera

You can also see the photos in our online gallery.

This project was funded by Eje Leader:

Mallorca Rural, UE – Comisión FEADER, Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, FOGAIBA – Govern de les Illes Balears, LEADER.

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