Councils in Mallorca in favour of a packaging return system

Some councils in Mallorca are urging the Govern Balear to look at the viability of setting up a packaging waste storage and return system (‘Sistema de Depósito, Devolución y Retorno’ or SDDR).

So far, Inca, Calvià and Capdepera have backed the proposal to set up a new packaging management system in the Balearics, put forward by the Mallorca Platform for Waste Reduction (Plataforma per a la Reducció de Residus de Mallorca).

They are unhappy about the cost of managing packaging waste (cans, plastics and so on that end up on the streets, on beaches or in waste bins) and propose the implementation of an SDDR.

These systems already exist in countries such as Germany and Finland, where they’ve proven to be effective. More than 95% of packaging is retrieved, while this figure is currently lower than 30% here.

For this reason, and through the adoption of a motion in the municipal session, the councils ask the Consell de Mallorca and the Govern Balear to carry out feasibility studies for an SDDR and to include its implementation in the new waste law that’s being developed.

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