Our dependence on oil and its impacts on impoverished countries: BE INFORMED AND ACT!

Our society's dependence on oil is increasing and generating great environmental, economic and social impacts here and in the countries from which we extract it. The Balearic Islands have an almost total external energy dependence, since we import 96% of the energy we consume (we import mainly from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Nigeria).  The energy bill is estimated at about 1,000 M €, or 3.8% of the GDP of the Balearic Islands. In 2010 the primary energy consumed in the Balearic Read more...

Educational offer, Friends of the Earth Mallorca 2013/14

For many years, Amics de la Terra Mallorca has been dedicated to the environmental education school, but the current economic status makes it difficult to continue providing the same number of free workshops. This year we have made instructional materials and workshops about environmental issues available here to the central schools. For the centers in Palma we offer a limited number of free workshops through Palma Portal Educa.
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