Can you help us? Where to save waste by re-using

This summer, we want to draw attention to as many resources as possible for re-using things that we don’t use anymore, or for repairing those that no longer work. The aim is to turn this information into a national directory, which will be the result of all the local Amigos de la Tierra groups working together.

We’re interested in showing alternatives for reducing the quantity of clothes, furniture, white goods, bikes, electronic products and tools that we throw into the rubbish. All these things can be repaired to extend their useful life, which will also avoid having to manage complex waste and using even more natural resources (many of which are scarce or have a huge environmental impact) for making new objects.

We think that with your help, we can go even further, getting to know bodies, businesses or initiatives that would otherwise be missed out of the directory.

Can you help us? We’ve prepared a form (in Catalan only) to make it easy for you. The more information you can send us, the better, but don’t forget to share anything that you think is interesting.

Before the end of the year (2015), we’ll present the directory, which will help you find alternatives close to home to avoid throwing whatever you no longer need in the bin.

Use it as many times as you need to!

The criteria agreed for including points on the map will consider all spaces for selling or buying second-hand, preparing objects for re-use, repair, lending, exchange or hiring of products including textiles, furniture, electrical and electronic items (including mobiles), games, books, bikes and DIY and garden tools.

Huge thanks for taking part!

Photo belongs to Gary A. K.

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