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Amics de la Terra Mallorca welcomes all those volunteers who want to lend a hand in the day-to-day tasks of the association, in a proactive way, and actively participating in our proposals:

Organisation and communication: you can help updating the databases of members, volunteers and interested people like you; writing or translating articles for our website or social networks; filing the news for the press dossier that we elaborate annually; helping with layout and graphic design; advising on computer aspects, etc.
Participation and awareness raising: you can give a hand with informative stands giving information about our work; by encouraging the rest of the volunteers; sharing our activities; participating in working groups and trainings with other members and volunteers on a specific topic; giving talks or organizing activities on your specialty related to the environment; participating in meetings of platforms and other groups; participating in all activities proactively, etc.
Active volunteerism and activism (you can suggest and propose activities, and organise them too): we look for volunteers with activist spirit to participate in demonstrations and rallies, peaceful protest activities, street performances, etc., as well as people who participate in activities in nature such as forestry work, beach cleaning, recovery of the natural environment, etc.

As an NGO, we depend on people like you to continue carrying out our work. Would you like to actively help protect and look after the environment as an Amics de la Terra (Mallorca) volunteer? Please fill in and submit the following form.

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