April 2016: 30 days on your bike – are you in?

30 Days of Biking is a grass-roots and community movement with the mission to promote routine, daily cycling. There’s only one rule:

“Pedal anywhere — round the block, 20km to work, an evening ride or whatever´s best for you — every day during the 30 days of April and share your adventures online.”

30 Days of Biking promotes regular, daily cycling because using a bike improves our lives, looks after planet Earth and makes our cities a nicer place to be.

The 30 Days of Biking initiative was created in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) in 2010 by two friends, Patrick Stephenson y Zachariah Schaap, to create a virtual and real-life community to promote daily cycling because they liked it, it’s good for our health and it makes us better people.

They got their friends to join in with them during the month of April, other Twitter users signed up too and, soon, there were a few hundred cyclists from across the world pedalling together.

Cycle every day in April and tell other people about it.

In Palma, it’s being promoted by Biciutat. Amics de la Terra is working with them to tell everyone about the initiative, which has lots of benefits for us both individually and collectively.

Find out how to sign up and get more information.

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