Amics de la Terra opens up the energy debate

At a time of economic, climatic and systemic crisis, and in view of the injustices this means for many of the planet’s vulnerable regions, Friends of the Earth wanted to open the debate about the possibilities of changing Mallorca’s energy system.

This week, Amics de la Terra led a debate on the opportunities offered by the crisis for reconsidering the energy model.

Special collaborators included Jordi Pigem, PhD and author of, among others, the books ‘Buena crisis: Hacia un mundo postmaterialista’ and ‘GPS (global personal social): Valores para un mundo en transformación’.

He spoke about the crisis as an opportunity to rebuild the connection between our energy model and the Earth’s ecological and social systems, and about the synergies created by the new social networks and organisations, using the example of Transition Movements.

Representatives of various interesting initiatives in the area of energy in Mallorca were also invited to a round table.

Àngel Amengual, representing the Bon Clima association, contributed his experience in training young people and the unemployed on renewable energy themes.

Margalida Ramis, GOB spokesperson, discussed the need to progressively close the Muterar power station and replace it with renewable sources.

Miquel Ramis from Artifexbalear talked from a holistic perspective about new methods in bioconstruction.

And finally, Roser Badia from Amics de la Terra put forward the need to integrate all of the proposals in a cross-the-board climate change law, that regulates and sets out by sector an annual reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The debate remains open with the hope that actions such as this will enable other existing alternatives to be revealed and that synergies between different social agents can be created, with the aim of gradually advancing towards a more efficient, decentralised and sustainable energy scenario.

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