Closing conference of the pilot project of Friends of the Earth Mallorca with Friends of the Earth Germany

  • Open Conference to anyone interested

The project Protect the Serra de Tramuntana started in late 2016 and finishes now.

It has been a collaboration between Amics de la Terra Mallorca with BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) and BTE (a German tourism consultancy), financed by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU).

This project included several modules, more information here:

The aim of Amics de la Terra Mallorca, BUND, BTE i DBU, was to highligh the importance and difficulty of conserving this unique landscape declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 and that suffers an increasing environmental pressure nowadays.

Toursim plays an important role in this conservation and preservation challenge, and has the tools to swift from and high impact model, to a more sustainable one.

Another goal of this project has also been to inform German-speaking tourists of hiking, as well as tour operators, with the aim of raising awareness about the need to conserve the cultural landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana, encouraging them to actively contribute to the preservation of it.

Poster of the event in catalan and english (select the image to enlarge):







PROGRAMME (click here to enlarge):

Place:                          Centre Capvespre (Cooperativa), Carretera de Fornalutx, n° 8, 07100 Sóller, Mallorca

Date:                           Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Time:                           4.30 pm – 8.00 pm


  • 4.30 – 4.45 pm            Welcome by

Sandy Hemingway, Amics de la Terra Mallorca

Susanne Gerstner, Friends of the Earth, Lower Saxony / Germany

  • 4.45 – 5.00 pm            German perspective of the opportunities of the project

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rein, BTE Tourism and Regional Development Consultancy

  • 5.00 – 5.45 pm            Spotlight on project results

Sandy Hemingway and Elisa García (Amics de la Terra Mallorca) and Juliane Koch (BTE Tourism)

– Training session for Mountain Guides and outputs

– Results of the survey among German-speaking hikers

– Lessons learnt from the voluntourism pilot activities

– Database of regional products

  • 5.45 – 6.00 pm            Presentation of the Serra de Tramuntana product label

Representative of the Consell de Mallorca / Consorci de la Serra de Tramuntana

  • 6.00 – 6.30 pm            Coffee Break
  • 6.30 – 7.30 pm            Panel discussion :

How can tourists participate in conservation activities in the Serra de Tramuntana?  

Contributions from various associations to discuss the desirability of offers and possible ways of tourism involvement in the conservation of the Serra de Tramuntana

European Nature & Environment Agency, Tramuntana XXI, GOB Mallorca, Muntanya del Voltor, Fundación Voltor Negre, ICTIB, Mountain Guides Association.

  • 7.30 – 8.00 pm            Round-up and closing





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