Act now: Let’s stop big business getting away with it in Honduras

19 May 2016

In two weeks, four activists have been murdered in Honduras for teaming up with native communities to oppose various huge projects that threaten the communities’ lives and their way of living.

All this has happened after the murder of Berta Cáceres in March. She was a leader of the indigenous Lenca people who gave her life defending human and environmental rights against a hydroelectric dam project, Agua Zarca, by the firm DESA. Rights that this business, in complicity with the government, is destroying.

Social mobilisation is having an impact and, to date, we’ve managed to make the project’s main investors pull out; however, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration continues to support the dam.

The impunity of the multinationals that operate in Honduras and violate human rights to achieve their aims is a barbarity; we can’t turn our backs and look the other way. We must work together to publicise the communities’ defencelessness and stop the ongoing abuse to which they’re subjected.

In 12 years, more than 100 activists have lost their lives defending the common good, local communities and natural resources upon which these communities depend.

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