About us

Who are we

Amics de la Terra de Mallorca is an ecologist organisation with the mission of fostering a local and global change towards a respectful, fair and caring society with the environment. We are a group of people who defend social and environmental justice. We firmly believe that the core of politics must be people and The Earth. We produce campaigns to achieve smart solutions that can tackle environmental issues.

We work from local to global initiatives in order to promote campaigns to involve citizens and to inform them about sustainable alternatives. We strongly believe that an informed and committed citizenship is the best guarantee to make things happen, to make a change for the people and the Earth.

We are part of the Friends of the Earth Europe, Friends of Earth International and Friends of the Earth Spain which are the biggest ecologist networks in the world, with more than 1 million of members in more than 75 countries across the globe.

Since more than 20 years we fight to make things in a different way. We are active, positive and like to propose alternatives. Amics de la Terra Balears was founded in 1989. The group in Mallorca, active since 1994, coordinates its activities with Amics de la Terra Eïvissa.

Horizontal organization

The participation of all the people that are part of Amics de la Terra Mallorca, is one of the basic principles that guarantee a horizontal decision making. The member assembly that takes places every year, decides the course of actions and the strategical planning. Likewise, the board of directors meet every month to take decisions about the ongoing projects and campaigns. Technical personnel and volunteers develop and coordinate the different campaigns and activities that we accomplish around the island.
We also work and coordinate ourselves national and internationally through online, on-site and yearly conventions.

Our values

We are an organisation open to all kind of people from any nationality and origin, worried about the protection of the environment in our Island.

Amics de la Terra defines themselves as:

  • Constructive and positive
  • Educational
  • Activist and protesting
  • Pacifist and non-violent
  • Open and willing to discuss
  • Democratic and participative
  • Independent and lay
  • Transparent


Our main goal is the protection of the environment in Mallorca by driving a compatible development with the preservation of the natural resources. We work in 5 main areas that are focused on local environmental issues:

  • Agriculture and food: we promote food sovereignty. We encourage proximity consumption and direct purchases from the farmer. We defend local and ecological agriculture and fight against the farm and the consumption of transgenic food.
  • Climate and energy: we make political pressure, so that actions can be taken on to stop climate change. We promote energetic sovereignty and denounce the current energetic system. We defend the community energy, promote a sustainable mobility, urge a change in the energy model that encourages savings, efficiency and renewal energy.
  • Natural resources and residues: we foment an equal use of natural resources. We foster different models of waste prevention such as the composting or zero residues. We foment a change in the individual and collective consumption.
  • Biodiversity: we make pressure politically, so that not only our natural spots can be conserved but also they can be controlled and monitored. We work to improve the conservation and recovery of natural spaces.
  • Environmental and economic justice: we educate and increase awareness about the environmental impact on southern countries. We make political pressure and inform to citizens to stop the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnersip (TTIP) between US and Europe. We fight for a fair economy, denounce exploitative and destructive companies against the environment.

The participation of partners, volunteers and sympathisers on one hand and the communication, on the other, are key to the success of our everyday work. We gather people to fulfil a change that no one of us could achieve on his/her own and you can be part of this.

What kind of activities do we carry out?

We perform environmental educational activities and also activities for the development of adults and schoolchildren. We give training workshops, information days, talks, projections, activities in the nature, tasks for the recovery of natural spaces, playful activities, educational or protesting activities, demonstrations towards allegations and denunciations, political pressure, increase of awareness. We generate opinion and debate, study and reporting, proposal of alternatives and models respectful with the nature and environment, encouragement that the people take action and change their habits.


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We have created this video because we know that, between all of us, we can change things. You’re going to love it:

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