A low-consumption world

We now consumer 50 per cent more natural resources than 30 years ago. Yes, there are more people, but our consumption has also increased. We can’t ignore that natural resources are Earth’s foundation and our only form of support.

Many of our activities require the use of one resource or another. But, is it normal that we carry on consuming at the same rate, knowing the limited capacity of our planet?

Just so that you get an idea of the unnecessary waste: to make the bottles of water drunk in Spain every year, we need 270 million litres of oil. Instead, we could simply turn on the tap, use filters or re-use other bottles.

‘A low-consumption world’ suggests, via interactive content, ways in which you can do things that can contribute to a fairer world for people and the environment.

Click on each drawing and you’ll see highly illustrated, important facts about consumption and natural resource usage, as well as finding out the truth about biodegradable bags.

Click here to enter a ‘Low-consumption world’

Or, download the PDF (2.8MB):

Un mundo de bajo consumo

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