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14-17 September 2017, Girona: Energy democracy meet-up

Come to the first energy democracy meeting in Girona in September!

Would you like to help create a movement dedicated to finding energy solutions? Do you believe that the energy transition should be in the hands of people and communities, rather than big energy companies?

If so, sign up now (deadline end of July) to join us in September.

When? 14-17 September 2017.

We want to bring together lots of different people to share practical knowledge about creating energy co-operatives and community energy projects*, as well as to learn about successes and challenges at the European level, to help us support a growing movement of people who want to take ownership and control of their own energy.

There are many energy democracy groups, projects and campaigns in place throughout Europe. However, they’re often not linked beyond a national context, which is why we believe this meet-up could help to fill that gap and help us to forge ahead.

SomEnergia and Amigos de la Tierra (Friends of the Earth Spain) will be our hosts, and we want to be certain that Spanish energy has a special relevance in our conversations and workshops.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from people who are already involved in some way in a community energy project, or who are part of a group with a clear interest in getting involved. The meet-up is also open to activists and campaigners who fight for a renewable and democratic energy system.

Register here throughout the month of July 2017. On 11 August, we’ll get in touch with the people who’ve been chosen to take part in the meet-up.

The organisation will take care of food for participants, however it’s unable to pay costs related to the trip.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact Hector in Spanish or Catalan only (

[*] L’energia comunitària és un concepte ampli però que resumit ve a dir que para per facilitar la transformació progressiva del nostre sistema energètic, com per abandonar la crema de combustibles fòssils en benefici de les energies autòctones, és necessari involucrar a la ciutadania, empoderarla, i trobar nous esquemes i models que fomentin la participació, la cooperació i la solidaritat. Hi ha un ampli ventall de projectes comunitaris: des de la creació d’una cooperativa local d’electricitat, passant per la instal·lació de panells en una comunitat de veïns o la participació econòmica en una horta solar. Més info en i

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