Skincare and eco-makeup workshop (February 2013)

On Thursday 21 February 2013, we held a workshop for volunteers and members on how to look after their skin and wear make-up in an eco-friendly way.

It was run by Virginia Barrantes, one of our volunteers and a make-up expert. You can discover the work she does at Make up Colores by Inia on Facebook.

We learnt lots of things in this workshop: skin types, basic steps for caring for skin in an eco-friendly way, how to read product labels, toxins and ingredients to avoid (many derived from oil!), eco-friendly options and so on.

She also applied our make-up and we learnt about make-up techniques and the best make-up for skin colour and face shape. We ended up looking great and with a lot more knowledge to achieve our looks as easily as possible.

The eco-products that she left us: Rituals Mediterranis.

Many thanks to everyone!

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