Climate and Energy

Amics de la Terra contests the Cap Blanc solar farm in Llucmajor

18 May 2016

(Image: Proposed solar farm site. Source: AraBalears)

This morning, Amics de la Terra presented its arguments against the solar farm project (which would take up 50 hectares in the Llucmajor region) to the Comisión Balear de Medio Ambiente.

Amics de la Terra believes that the scale of the proposed solar farm is completely disproportionate on a limited island territory such as ours. The effect on the landscape would be huge. In addition, another 25-hectare solar farm is planned for the same area.

Amics de la Terra already predicted a problem with the number of installations in the arguments presented last year to the changes to the Plan Sectorial de Energía de las Islas Baleares (Balearic Islands Energy Sector Plan), in which it requested both the size of the farms and the distance between them were marked out.

The proposed installation site is very close to Llucmajor marina and surrounded by woodland of high environmental value, as well as other protected spaces. Beautiful and rich in biodiversity, it’s an emblematic area for both locals and tourists.

The space plays a significant role as home to many birds, including protected species such as the Milana, as well as local plant species and animals of special interest such as the Mediterranean tortoise.

It considers that the proposed power is contrary to a desirable energy distribution model that avoids new energy transmission infrastructure and its associated losses and inefficiencies.

Amics de la Terra supports a renewable energy management model that’s more decentralised and which has less impact on its surroundings, prioritising small- and medium-sized installations, along with installing solar panels for personal use.

For these reasons, Amics de la Terra has asked the Comisión Balear de Medio Ambiente to dismiss the project, as well as the submitted environmental report.