Do the CETA Check! Send your Question to European Representatives

6 July 2016

This campaign allows citizens from across the EU to contact the representatives of the European Parliament and ask them to answer questions about the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). The campaign is backed by the Alliance against TTIP, who together with the intiative “Stop TTIP European Citizens’ Initiative”, collected more than 3 million signatures last year against TTIP and CETA.

According to the European Commission, the CETA agreement must be adopted this year by the European Parliament and applied provisionally, without the approval of the national parliaments. The Alliance against TTIP’s campaign “Do the CETA Check!” aims to highlight the urgency of the matter and to put pressure on the European Representatives to confront the agreement between the EU and Canada.

“The Commission did not respond to the more than 3 million citizens who signed our initiative. We turn now to the European Parliament and the ministries of trade with our concerns,” commented Dr. Michael Efler of the Stop TTIP ECI Citizen committee.

“The CETA undermines important EU standards and regulations. It includes the controversial investment court system. With the vote approaching, it is vital for the citizens of the EU to put pressure on their representatives and their governments to ensure that they don’t support a toxic agreement,” explains Michel Cermak.

“The soul of European democracy is dialogue between citizens and their representatives. Our online tool helps narrow the gap between the people and politicians, facilitating a public and transparent debate about the CETA,” concludes Daniel Feher, director of the campaign Stop TTIP European Citizens’ Initiative.

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