Port Authority decides to consider an extension to the Port of Molinar unsuitable

(as you know, Amics de a Terra is part of this platform)

The president of the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) has conveyed to the president of the board of the East Wind Molinar Maritime Club (CMML) the decision to not renew the concession of the Molinar Port on the basis of the expansion project.

Moreover, in a recent statement, the APB has reported that it will assume the direct management of the moorings and the implementation of the necessary improvements to the club, favoring the continuity of the walkway and the allocating of a public space to the club for social activities to develop.

The expansion project was not suitable for it dimensions, nor was it integrated into the environment of the neighborhood.

The position of the APB puts an end to the expansion attempt, which has generated strong oppostion among the residents of the neighborhood and all of Palma, as well as among local entities and businesses.

“Al Molinar, Port Petit” expresses its satisfaction at the rejection of the expansion project, which would have resulted in the irreversible disappearance of one of the most emphasized elements of the walkway of Molinar, replacing facilities dimensioned alongside the needs of the neighborhood by others that would transform much of the walkway, ultimately distorting its integration into the neighborhood and its traditional and seafaring character.

“Al Molinar, port petit” is confident that the Club members are capable of overcoming the postion of the current board, and understands that the only way they have to ensure their survival is to go forward hand in hand with the APB as entities that defend the little port.

“Al Molinar, port petit” urges the Municipality of Palma and the APB to respond to the proposals of the continuity of the Molinar walkway and to initiate a participitory process for the preparation of the port facilities rehabilitation project, without entailing increases in employment, in order to ensure the sustainability of the neighborhood.

We consider it necessary, moreover, to create an outline for the coast protection of the Bay of Palma, also in terms of environmental quality, as well as to declare an urban moratorium until legislation is drafted to ensure that new buildings or reforms are adjusted to meet criteria and an aesthetic in line with the traditional constructions of the neighborhood.

“Al Molinar, port petit” would like to thank all those who have contributed to the campaign with their signatures and support on social media and networks. This, along with the speculative interests of all of the citizens, has made another Molinar possible.