‘Plataforma per ses Fontanelles’ launches campaign targeting investors and brands interested in Palma Springs

In front of the uncertain future of the Ses Fontanelles wetlands, Plataforma Salvem ses Fontanelles has launched a campaign targeting investors and brands who are planning to establish themselves in the future shopping centre.

The plan is to share with them information related to the work that the platform has been involved in for more than a decade trying to save the city’s last wetland area. We will also tell them about the insecurity of the project’s administrative procedure and encourage them to withdraw from the shopping centre to avoid becoming accomplices in destroying Palma’s last wetlands.

The platform has launched a blog in several languages, which we will use to promote a video tagged #saynotopalmasprings. Our aim is to make it go viral on social networks so that it reaches the businesses planning to take a place in the new shopping centre. We also plan to send them a letter outlining in detail the platform’s various demands and our complete availability to engage with investors and brands to show them the reality of what they face.