Amics de la Terra says keep the seagrass in the Es Trenc-Salobrar nature park

4 April 2016

This morning, Amics de la Terra (Friends of the Earth Mallorca) presented its arguments to the Es Trenc-Salobrar nature park (Campos) declaration draft bill, which the Balearic Government opened up for the public to view in recent weeks.

Amics de la Terra congratulates the Balearic Government for the initiative and for including much-needed measures for restoring the damaged areas, the majority of which are the result of significant human activity in the area.

Amics de la Terra proposes carrying out an environmental study to define the adequate sustainable capacity to guarantee the nature park’s conservation, limit the number of visitors to keep within the recommended levels and provide parking based on this study.

In addition, Amics de la Terra proposes respecting the ‘nature park’ concept to the maximum, with respect to the dead posidonia (a type of seagrass found in the Mediterranean), by leaving it where it is to protect the beach’s sand, or at least only partially removing it and, in this instance, manually (without using heavy machinery).

Posidonia plays a key role in avoiding beach erosion. It’s also important to inform visitors that Es Trenc beach is managed in a more natural, sustainable way than other tourist beaches, and to explain the posidonia’s role in its conservation.