‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ delivers 20,000 signatures to the Ministry for the Environment

4 May 2016

Representatives of the bodies that form the ‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ campaign delivered yesterday afternoon a dossier to the government for the attention of the Ministry for the Environment, which has responsibility for compiling the environmental impact report for the El Molinar port expansion project.

‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ believes it’s relevant that the Ministry for the Environment has evidence of the significant public opposition to the project, as well as of the impact that it would have not just for the environment, for also for the scenic, urban, social and patrimonial surroundings of the El Molinar neighbourhood.

The dossier comprises:

El Molinar is located in an urban area where the neighbourhood, people who live in Palma and visitors use the local beaches a great deal. From the start of the season, there’s a lot of swimmers, surfers and canoeists.

Obviously, such tourism and recreational use means the authorities need to improve the water quality in the area. Recently, those responsible for water quality have taken action to make progress in this respect, driving the preliminary draft to improve the waste water pipe that exits in the area.

On the other hand, the El Molinar de Levante port expansion will mean an increase in nautical activity in the area and, inevitably, reduce the water quality, factors that are incompatible with adequate use of the nearby beaches.

That’s why ‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ believes the expansion’s effects entirely counteract the efforts that authorities are carrying out so that Palma’s inhabitants can enjoy and use the coast in an adequately safe, environmentally hygienic way. The campaign believes it will also make it difficult to improve the environmental quality sought to drive tourism and local use.

‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ wants to remind everyone that the environmental impact declaration is just another step in the administrative procedure of the El Molinar port expansion project file, and that whether the direction is positive or negative won’t mean any change in achieving the aim of saving El Molinar port. The Autoridad Portuaria de las Illes Balears has the final word, and it’s already stated its opposition to the expansion.

Independently of the El Molinar port enlargement project having no future (given the opposition of the Govern Balear, the Consell Insular de Mallorca, the Ayuntamiento de Palma, the Autoridad Portuaria and the general public), ‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ will continue its work until it’s achieved the approval of a new project to guarantee the conservation of El Molinar port and the continuity of its seafront.

‘Al Molinar, Port Petit’ asks the Autoridad Portuaria and the Ayuntamiento de Palma for speed in the initiatives to conserve, once and for all, this symbolic part of the Molinar neighbourhood.

A public campaign led by Salvem es Molinar, Arca, Vogar i Ciar, GOB, Amics de la Terra and Greenpeace.