Agriculture and Food

The path to Food Sovereignty – understand what it means

Several years ago, a slogan appeared and it has been repeated in many rural settings. With renewed dignity, farming areas claim in all languages on the planet, with force and certainty, their Food Sovereignty. What meaning is hidden by these two words capable of uniting more than 200 million rural people globally? Why has it managed to bring together such culturally diverse people, including the urban world? How has this paradigm managed to form a global social movement?

Food Sovereignty is the answer for building a new food model, breaking the current globalised industrial farming model that, since many years ago, has already lost its initial purpose of being a livelihood and provide food for the population.

To try to explain this proposal, here’s a simple overview with the aim that you can join the full journey. A journey carried out and organised from the base, from the people, from the fight.

This is an extract from the article La ruta de la Soberanía Alimentaria (Spanish only) in the magazine Soberanía alimentaria, biodiversidad y culturas.