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‘Nefassto’, criticism through creativity

The Mallorca Platform for Waste Reduction, which comprises ALCAIB, Friends of the Earth, GOB, Greenpeace and Fundació Deixalles, celebrated the end of its first anti-advertising competition by presenting the winner with a special ‘re-used’ prize.

The competition’s aim was to condemn (using advertising tools) excess waste and its problems.

Participants had to present a visual document that, using advertising campaigns’ own means, would denounce some aspect of the problems related to waste.

The jury, formed by a representative from each of the Platform’s member organisations, selected a poster submitted under the pseudonym ‘Pep Toni i el dimoni’ as the winning work.

The piece, entitled ‘Nefassto’, uses a clear, strong image to condemn the problems created by the single-use capsules from the well-known coffee machines.

The poster was chosen because:

The winner, Arnau Matas Morell, received a 50€ voucher to use in the Fundación Deixalles second-hand shop in Palma. In addition, the Platform will distribute the winning poster to use as a means of raising public awareness.

(* ‘Nefassto’ plays on the Spanish word ‘nefasto’, meaning ‘disastrous’ in terms of consequences.)