Photography Competition: Water is life: you can’t escape it

' Water is life: you can’t escape it‘ is a new project that we are starting and we are happy to announce the launching of the first activity. Who can participate? Any person of legal age, excluding

Port Authority offers a consistant solution for the city and Molinar

(As you know, Amics de la Terra forms a part of “Al Molinar, Port Petit”) A solution that responds to most of the demands of both port users and members of the East Wind Molinar Maritime Club 1. We appreciate

Amics de la Terra considers it urgent to analyze the impact of and impose limits to the number of cruises that visit Palma

A large number of cruises of enormous sizes are arriving to the port of Palma each day, some of them with more than 7000 passengers. There is no mesaured data about the impact this generates, and

Act now: Let's stop big business getting away with it in Honduras

. . 19 May 2016 In two weeks, four activists have been murdered in Honduras for teaming up with native communities to oppose various huge projects

Call for secondary schools: Free workshops on 'Energy and its impacts'

. . Opening of offer for secondary schools: Free workshops on 'Energy and its impacts'. Open and free enrolment: LIMITED PLACES. Workshops must

Mark the 'X Solidaria' on your tax return

. . What is the 'X Solidaria'? The 'X Solidaria' ('Supporting X') is a cross that supports social and environmental organisations. You can mark