Amics de la Terra contests the Cap Blanc solar farm in Llucmajor

18 May 2016 (Image: Proposed solar farm site. Source: AraBalears) This morning, Amics de la Terra presented its arguments against the solar farm project (which would take up 50 hectares in the

21 May: Environmental Volunteering Day to clean the coastline of Cabrera National Park

Amics de la Terra will be joining the Environmental Day and the cleaning of Cabrera National Park organized by Palma Aquarium, the Consulate of the Environment, Agriculture and Fishing and the

Sat 21 May 2016: Training day – 'The key to energy transition in Mallorca'

. . 'The key to energy transition in Mallorca' Amics de la Terra is part of the 'Red para la Soberanía Energética Mallorca' (Mallorca Network for Energy Independence), which invites you to a training

Act now: Let's stop big business getting away with it in Honduras

. . 19 May 2016 In two weeks, four activists have been murdered in Honduras for teaming up with native communities to oppose various huge projects

Mark the 'X Solidaria' on your tax return

. . What is the 'X Solidaria'? The 'X Solidaria' ('Supporting X') is a cross that supports social and environmental organisations. You can mark

Energy rebellion NOW!

. . Climate change summits are a key opportunity to set emissions reductions targets that will allow us to avoid irreversible climate change. However,