Buy local and directly guide

To coincide with World Food Day we present today the alpha version of this guide on where to buy local and directly in Mallorca. It's a document in progress, but we

Training for Action: 'The power of the multinationals, the industrial farming model, responsible consumption and fair trade' (6pm, Thu 24 Sep 2015)

SUSTAINABILITY SCHOOL: TRAINING FOR ACTION Topic, day, time and place In this second meeting, called 'The power of the multinationals, the industrial foraming model, responsible consumption

Zero Waste launches video competition on composting

Composting helps us to reduce our rubbish by about 40 per cent. Nearly all organic waste is compostable and it helps us to enrich our soil, which then produces more and better fruit and vegetables.

Repair: deprogram obsolescence

Things don't last as long as they used to. Our grandparents have been saying it for ages and we'll continue to say it! Industry designs products with

Can you help us? Where to save waste by re-using

This summer, we want to draw attention to as many resources as possible for re-using things that we don't use anymore, or for repairing

Take action! Let's stop the 'Sun Tax'

With a large dose of irony, on 5 June 2015 – World Environment Day – the Government presented a draft decree on personal use that, in contrary to other