Amics de la Terra urgently considers limiting giant cruises in Palma

13 June 2016 The controversial “Harmony of the Seas”, supposedly theworld’s largest cruise, will arrive in Palma every Monday from now until October. Its nearly 7000 passengers, equivalent

Environmental groups express support for the measures restricting motorized traffic in the historic center of Palma

. 12 june 2016 The environmental organizations Amics de la Terra, Ecologists in Action (Ecologistas in Acción) and GOB, the organization of urban cyclists Biciutat de Mallorca, and the state

Mon 6 June 2016, 7pm: 'This changes everything' screening in Peguera, Calvià

. . On Monday 6 June 2016 at 7pm, we will screen the documentary 'This changes everything' in the exhibition room at the Casal de Peguera (C/ Pins, 17, Peguera) in partnership with Calvià council.

Act now: Let's stop big business getting away with it in Honduras

. . 19 May 2016 In two weeks, four activists have been murdered in Honduras for teaming up with native communities to oppose various huge projects

Call for secondary schools: Free workshops on 'Energy and its impacts'

. . Opening of offer for secondary schools: Free workshops on 'Energy and its impacts'. Open and free enrolment: LIMITED PLACES. Workshops must

Mark the 'X Solidaria' on your tax return

. . What is the 'X Solidaria'? The 'X Solidaria' ('Supporting X') is a cross that supports social and environmental organisations. You can mark