Amics de la Terra Mallorca along with other entites request the banning of disposable plastic bags in the Balearic Islands on International Plastic Bag Free Day

. . The Foundation of Waste Prevention and Consumption (Fundació Prevenció de Residus i Consum), Amics de la Terra Mallorca, GOB Mallorca, the Waste Foundation (Fundació Deixalles), and Zero

Friday, 1 July, 17:00 visit the Llucmajor Marina where the fotovoltaic megapark is projected to be

. . We are organized in a platform to visit the Llucmajor Marina where they are wanting the fotovoltaic megapark to be built. The visit will be in the afternoon, with a biologist coming to tell us

Do the CETA Check! Send your Question to European Representatives

. . 6 July 2016 Announcing the launching of the EU-wide campaign “Do the CETA Check!” to put pressure on the European Representatives to take action against the treaty This campaign allows citizens

Act now: Let's stop big business getting away with it in Honduras

. . 19 May 2016 In two weeks, four activists have been murdered in Honduras for teaming up with native communities to oppose various huge projects

Call for secondary schools: Free workshops on 'Energy and its impacts'

. . Opening of offer for secondary schools: Free workshops on 'Energy and its impacts'. Open and free enrolment: LIMITED PLACES. Workshops must

Mark the 'X Solidaria' on your tax return

. . What is the 'X Solidaria'? The 'X Solidaria' ('Supporting X') is a cross that supports social and environmental organisations. You can mark